Pipeline Right-of-Way

An underground pipeline right-of-way is the land over the pipeline, usually 25 feet from each side of each pipeline. It is often recognizable as a corridor clear of trees, buildings or other structures except for pipeline markers. A pipeline right-of-way must be kept free from structures and other obstructions.


Fenced and secured areas with some above ground piping provide access to valves along the pipeline system.


If you spot a problem, contact Boardwalk immediately at 1-800-850-0051. Do not operate the valves. 


If a Boardwalk pipeline crosses your property, do not plant trees or high shrubs on the right-of-way. Also, do not dig, store or place anything there, without first having Boardwalk personnel mark the pipeline, stake the right-of-way and explain the company's construction guidelines to you.


You may contact Boardwalk through your One-Call center.