On an ongoing basis, Gulf South will utilize its hotline, website, direct mailings, and print media to inform the public of the Petal III Compression Project and publicize methods by which the public can receive more information or ask questions.


Gulf South’s outreach effort is a multi-faceted effort designed to include its core values of safety, integrity, innovation, teamwork, accountability and performance.  Its goals are to:


  1. Create an atmosphere of openness and disclosure of public information 
  2. Generate an awareness of the project, its purpose, and its value
  3. Communicate the vital role Gulf South plays in transporting natural gas
  4. Ensure the community and landowners have ample opportunity to gain project information
  5. Provide new and innovative ways to inform and engage stakeholders



Landowner Notification

Gulf South will make a good faith effort to notify all affected landowners and towns, communities, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies involved in the Project, as required by FERC.


FERC's definition of an affected landowner includes owners of property interests, as noted in the most recent county/city tax records as receiving the tax notice, whose property:


  1. Is directly affected (i.e., crossed or used) by the proposed activity, including all facility sites (including compressor stations, well sites, and all above-ground facilities), rights of way, access roads, pipe and contractor yards, and temporary workspace;
  2. Abuts either side of an existing right-of-way or facility site owned in fee by any utility company, or abuts the edge of a proposed facility site or right-of-way which runs along a property line in the area in which the facilities would be constructed, or contains a residence within 50 feet of the proposed construction work area;
  3. Is within one-half mile of proposed compressors or their enclosures or LNG facilities; or
  4. Is within the area of proposed new storage fields or proposed expansions of storage fields, including any applicable buffer zone.



Notice of Application

After an Application is filed, the FERC will issue a Notice of Application, which will include a formal comment period allowing landowners and stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the Project.  The Notice of Application for the Petal III Compression Project was issued on October 19, 2018 and the formal comment period ended November 9, 2018.    



Environmental Assessment (EA)

On April 3, 2019, FERC issued the EA stating that it would grant a public comment period until May 3, 2019.