FERC Process


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the regulatory agency that oversees the U.S. Interstate natural gas pipeline industry. The FERC regulates both the construction of natural gas pipeline systems, including compressor stations, and the transportation of natural gas in interstate commerce.


Companies such as Gulf South wishing to build interstate natural gas pipelines or operate pipelines and attendant compressor stations must first file an Application with the FERC for approval. This is done to assure that pipeline facilities benefit consumers, are compatible with the environment and minimize interference with the public and landowners along the pipeline right-of-ways.


The FERC prepared an environmental assessment that discussed the environmental aspects of the Coastal Bend Header Project involving construction and operation of the proposed facilities. The FERC mailed copies of the environmental assessment to federal, state, and local government representatives and agencies; elected officials; Native American tribes; potentially affected landowners; newspapers and libraries in the project area; and parties to the proceedings. A public comment period was announced in which the FERC gathered input from the public and interested agencies on the Project. 


On June 20, 2016, the FERC issued a Certificate Order granting Gulf South authorization to construct and operate the Coastal Bend Header project. On December 20, 2016, the FERC issued a notice to proceed with construction of the pipeline and certain facilities.


All public documents related to the Coastal Bend Header Project are available by the FERC through its “eLibrary” Website. These documents include all public correspondence from Gulf South, the FERC, landowners and stakeholders.  Documents are posted soon after being received at the FERC and can be obtained through the FERC’s website, https://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/elibrary.asp, using the “eLibrary” link and the project’s docket number. Once at eLibrary, select “General Search” and enter the docket number assigned to the project which is CP15-517. Please note there is a date range field that needs to be updated to view the time range of the document you are in search of. Searches may also be done by entering the phrase “Coastal Bend Header Project” in the “Text Search” field. If you need assistance accessing eLibrary, call the FERC’s helpline toll-free at (866) 208-3676, or for TTY, contact (202) 502-8659 or click on FERConlineSupport@ferc.gov. 


You can also use eRegister and eSubscription (see www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/ferconline.asp) to keep track of individual proceedings at FERC. Users with an eRegister account may subscribe to specific dockets and receive email notification when a document is added to eLibrary for the subscribed docket.


To obtain information about the FERC’s role as a regulator of interstate transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity, about getting involved in the regulatory process and to access Citizen’s Guides that summarize your rights and the process when dealing with FERC-regulated energy project licensing, visit the FERC’s Website at www.ferc.gov and click on the “For Citizens” tab. To proceed directly to download FERC’s guide, “An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? – What Do I Need to Know,” click on www.ferc.gov/for-citizens/citizen-guides.asp.